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Video Tutorials

Rogers Space Heaters International present the "Maintenance & Repair" and "One Minute Master Class" series' of tutorial videos.

The space heaters used for these video demonstrations include the Master XL6 and Master XL9E infrared heaters, the Master B150 aspirated heater and the Master BV170E heater, which uses a fuel pump and pressurised fuel system. Much of the information shown here is also applicable to other heaters in the Master range, providing the appropriate spare parts needed for the repair or maintenance are used.

Before beginning any maintenance or repair, remember: the most important thing is "Safety First." Be sure the heater is completely disconnected from the power supply, and do not attempt any work if the combustion chamber is still hot from recent use.

Please select the tutorial video of your choice from the menu below, by clicking on the appropriate title.

Maintenance & Repair

  1. Replacing an Ignition Transformer
  2. Nozzle replacement
  3. Rotor and Blade replacement

One Minute Master Class


  1. Cleaning the in-line fuel filter
  2. Cleaning the fuel pump filter
  3. Cleaning the photocell
  4. Replacing the control box
  5. Cleaning or replacing the electrode
  6. Adjusting the air flow

B150 CED:

  1. Changing the air input filter
  2. Changing the air output filter
  3. Changing the fuel filter
  4. Checking and adjusting the compressor air pressure
  5. Changing the photocell
  6. Changing the flame out control
  7. Removing the spark plug electrode for cleaning or replacement


  1. Cleaning the in-line fuel filter
  2. Adjusting and cleaning the electrodes; Changing the nozzle
  3. Removing the motor
  4. Changing the ignition transformer
  5. Replacing the control box
  6. Cleaning or changing the photocell
  7. Changing the solenoid
  8. Adjusting the air flow to the combustion chamber
  9. Cleaning the fuel pump filter


  1. Replacing the Heating Plate
  2. Removing the rear cover
  3. Changing the control PCB
  4. Changing the ignition transformer
  5. Replacing the fuel pump
  6. Replacing the cooling fan motor
  7. Cleaning or replacing the Photocell
  8. Changing the Anti-tilt Switch
  9. Replacing the Overheat Thermostat
  10. Replacing the Upper Display PCB
  11. Replacing the On/Off Switch
  12. Removing the Burner Head assembly
  13. Cleaning or replacing the Ignition Electrode
  14. Changing the Nozzle
  15. Replacing the Fuel Filter
  16. Removing the Combustion Fan Motor assembly